The specialist in business management
for corporate real estate since 1995

Siège social d'IPSO-FACTO à Montrouge

Since 1995, Ipso-Facto has become well established in the development of IT solutions and services for corporate real estate professionals.



Integration of the National Address Base (BAN)

Any address entry will now go through the identification of the official address, thus eliminating any risk of duplicate addresses in Logi-Pro ...

Compliance with technological standards

  • All our IT solutions are designed to work with all major internet browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and operating systems (Windows, Apple, Linux). Therefore, our clients can use their current tools without the need for additional investment.
  • All our solutions allow data to be exported in CSV format and thereby used by office suites (Microsoft Office, Open Office, Google Apps) and a multitude of third-party tools.
  • All our solutions are able to communicate with any websites and IT systems via XML streams and other web services, which we are able to provide or use as required.

Our team

Our experienced team is always eager to ensure the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our users; these have been the two primary objectives ever since Ipso-Facto was founded.

We specialise in JAVA and ASP.NET technologies for all intranet and internet applications.

Conception Intranet Internet chez IPSO-FACTO
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