Mapping For Corporate Real Estate

See everything on the map, search for everything, draw everything.
“Geographic location” is a key aspect of any property value.

Cartographie avancée avaec Logi-Pro

Geomarketing – Integrated mapping – OpenStreetMap – Google maps

  • Geographic location of available properties, clients, prospective clients,
  • Automatic location of addresses,
  • Aerial views, 3D views,
  • Searches by circle, polygon, geographic area,
  • Searches by transport route,
  • Management of POIs (Points Of Interest),
  • Management of KML (Keyhole Markup Language): KML is an XML notation designed for managing the display of geospatial data
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Interface Logimap

With Logi-Pro, you benefit from the latest advances in vector mapping: for your searches as well as for printing bespoke location maps. This genuine integrated GIS (Geographic Information System) allows users to perform multi-criteria searches within a defined geographic area, and properties to be automatically located (accurate to the street, worldwide).

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