Manage ALL the data for your Real Estate portfolio
and that of your clients

Documents automatiques
One of the main aims of Logi-Pro is to allow you to capitalise on the information used over the course of months and years

You can create end of lease alerts, as well as managing transactions, real estate portfolios, a building’s occupants.

  • Multi-criteria searches for companies, available properties, clients, prospective clients, transactions, etc.
  • Management of available properties and requests: offices, business premises, warehouses, shops, industrial sites, investment properties, etc.
  • EDM (Electronic Document Management): all legal documents, maps/drawings, payments, miscellaneous correspondence, etc. can be linked to an available property or a client.
  • Secure exporting of all kinds of data (compatible with MS Office XP, 2003, 2007, OpenOffice office suites).
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A single click provides you with a view of all the company’s
and your employee’s activities
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